Former client's tragedy


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC), the largest newspaper covering metro Atlanta and north Georgia, published an article on March 10, 2023 about a recent tragedy involving a former client of our Forsyth campus. They interviewed Lisa Bennett, the Manager of our Forsyth and Dawson campuses and also quoted Leigh McIntosh, the Executive Director of Creative Enterprises.

The article noted this was the second client of Creative Enterprises Forsyth whose death was possibly caused by a family caregiver and also described how the system for supporting the disabled is over-strained and under-resourced.

Leigh McIntosh was quoted on the need for more service providers to the disabled community:

“Unless we get the word out and people understand what a great need there is, nothing is going to change,” she said. “In these communities where there aren’t services, the people with disabilities are even more vulnerable because many times their families just do not have any resources, and they’re at their wit’s end.”